The Path

The Path is the intentional process that Church of The Way has established to lead someone to become a whole and healthy follower of Jesus. Each step in The Path is intentionally designed to help you move from knowing Jesus, to developing a relationship with Jesus, and then living The Way of Jesus. We invite everyone regardless of their church experience or the lack thereof to follow The Path. Over 90% of our church has taken steps one through three and it has helped create a church family like many have never experienced before. We pray that you will follow The Path and experience The Way of Jesus with fresh eyes and an eager heart.

Step 1: Starting Point

Starting Point is step one in The Path. In Starting Point, everyone is learning the foundational truths of Jesus, grace, sin, forgiveness and a relationship with Jesus. At CTW, we want EVERYONE to go through Starting Point so we are all together in our understanding of who Jesus is and how to have a personal and ongoing relationship with Him.

Step 2: The Core

Step two in The Path is called The Core. The Core is a 4-week group-based class that is designed to help you learn how to develop and grow in your relationship with Jesus. Whether you've been walking with Jesus for three weeks or thirty years, The Core is necessary for everyone.  

Step 3: Membership

The third step in The Path is CTW's membership class. Our membership is a unique blend of teaching, group discussion and interactive learning. It is in our membership class where you will learn the heartbeat of CTW and the intentional process we have as a church to help you become a disciple of Jesus and  live the way of Jesus.

Next Steps

Once you have completed the first three steps of The Path, we encourage you to take a next step into one of our other spaces. Between Men's ministry, Women's ministry, Young Adult's or Community Groups, there is a place for everyone to belong.  We want everyone who calls CTW home to take the first three steps in The Path and then take a next step into a ministry below. We all have a next step in our journey of living the way of Jesus. There is a place for you at CTW so check out the options below and get plugged in.

Men's Ministry

Men's ministry, much like women's ministry meets during the week for Bible study, community and prayer. 

Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry meets on different days during the week for Bible study, community and prayer.

Young Adults

Our Young Adults meet as a community group on a bi-weekly basis at the church. They study Scripture, hang out on weekends and spend time staying connected.

Community Groups

Our Community Groups are small groups of people in similar life stages that meet in homes throughout the week. They connect regularly for prayer, encouragement and engaging the weekend messages.