Serve Teams

Every one has a place to belong and a team to join. The church thrives on the teams that exist to ensure that everyone is seen, known, and loved. Since every follower of Jesus has unique passions, gifts,  and experiences, everyone needs to be on a serve team. Below are all of the teams with a brief description to help you determine which team to join. 

Serve Teams


Wayfinders is our children's ministry that serves kids 6 weeks old through 5th grade. Every week, the Wayfinders teams love and serve the nursery, preschool, and elementary kids so they can understand how to live the way of Jesus.  

Student Ministry

Our Student Ministry team serves our middle school students on Sunday mornings during the 11:00a service. We also have a student team who serves students 6th-12grade on Sunday nights. We are always praying that more adults will step into serving and loving our middle school and high school students.


The hospitality is a large umbrella that includes multiple ministries. From the coffee on Sunday mornings, to the prayer team and the pastoral care team, hospitality describes all of those areas. Find a place on this team where you can love and serve others.


Our music team serves the church as a whole on Sundays by leading worship but also throughout the weeks as it seeks to support other ministry events. If you can sing, play an instrument, or know how to run a sound board, you certainly need to connect with the Music Team.

Tech Team

Every week a small group of people help make our weekend services run by operating the technical equipment,  sound board, and lighting. While most of this team stays hidden, the role they play in the life of CTW certainly is not. If you love technology and enjoy seeing how it works in ministry,  join the Tech Team.

Parking Lot

Our Parking Lot team serves to make attending CTW  safe and convenient by helping with traffic flow and vehicle parking. 

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Team serves every individual who has been sick, lost a loved one, had a major life change ,or welcomed a new baby into the world.
This team makes sure that every person who calls CTW is seen, known, and loved.


At CTW,  all areas of ministry could benefit from administrative support.  From organizing, to managing the database, to supporting the ministries with their supplies, the administration team serves everyone through their gift of organization.


Our photography team helps capture moments within the service, at events, or during weekly ministries in order to show all that God is doing. While everyone has a camera phone, God has given some the special eye for photography and we would love for you to join this serve team. 

Special Events

Throughout the year CTW host special events from marriage nights to youth events. Our events team helps create the environment that serves and impacts those who attend. From set up to tear down and everything in between, the event team makes it happen!


CTW is not just a Sunday morning church but an active ministry that meets almost seven days a week. Our facilities team helps us utilize the space God has provided for ministry by keeping it squeaky clean and smelling nice!

Community Group Leader

Our Community Groups are small groups of people in similar life stages that meet in homes throughout the week. They connect regularly for prayer, encouragement, and engaging the weekend messages. Our Community Group leaders help facilitate, host and guide the Community Group to living the way of Jesus.

Prayer Team

The prayer team at CTW is a group of people who lovingly pray with, pray over, and pray for those within the church. Each week the prayer team is down front available to pray with anyone who needs it.

Greeting Team

Every person who comes to CTW is a gift from God. Our greeting team is the smiling face everyone sees to help them feel special. From opening doors, to helping people to their cars, and providing a welcoming environment, the greeting team helps set the stage for the most welcoming church downriver.

Welcome Desk

The Welcome Desk shares the life of Church of the Way to visitors, those who call our church home, and to any in need.  We hope to engage, love and connect every person who we encounter so they are seen and known.

Community Serve

There are always opportunities to serve within the community too! We will be providing more and more space for CTW to get involved in the community as God opens those doors. If you have questions about our love and service to the downriver community, please let us know!